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Compensair is a company, gives services of aviation


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Compensair gives air travelers a hassle-free way to receive up to €600 compensation from airlines in case of flight delay, cancellation, or denied boarding. We are working with 100+ airlines from 40 countries all around the world. Compensair manages all the paperwork, negotiations with the airlines and legal proceedings. Our fee is 25% of any successful claim (we are operating on a "no win, no fee" basis).

Average claim amount is around €400, which allows us to pay €12-€20 per a confirmed lead, depending on the geo. We confirm leads as soon as our customer provides all the information necessary for us to file a claim with the airline.

Large market size of over 10 million people annually gives us and our partners plenty of opportunities for new customer acquisition. Especially if you consider that most of those people affected by flight disruptions still do not know about their right for a fair compensation.

Confirmed lead does not require our customer to pay anything, we only charge a fee in case of a successful claim. Confirmation generally only takes 1-3 days, and yet our Cookie lifetime is 30 days to ensure that our partners get rewarded for every single customer they bring to us.

Our offer can be effectively coupled with any other travel offer. If you have a subscriber base which is interested in air travel, you can gain additional income by offering our services to them. Compensair offer works well with OTAs, booking, car rental and any other travel offers.

We offer a wide array of promotion tools, including banner sets in variety of languages which we update regularly, and our own widget that could be implemented on your website or blog. We are willing to create unique media for partners with volumes of 50+ claims per month and we can also create white label website for you in case you need one.


Target Audience

Our audience includes people who flew a European airline at least once during the past 6 years. The more often our potential customers fly commercial airlines, the more likely they are to become our clients


RU: Russian Federation, Ukraine, CIS, Eastern Europe and Baltic countries

EN: EU countries, USA, Canada

Leads from other countries (aside from exceptions) are also welcomed, for a €12 reward

Excluded countries: Spain, Turkey, Italy, Romania, Ireland, Greece, France

­­Demographics: 18-65, M/W

Our Key Advantages For Customers

Our services are practically free, we would only charge a 25% fee in case of a successful claim

Customers do not need to get involved with the paperwork – we do everything ourselves

Free flight check, which only takes less than minute

Vast experience of working with 100+ airlines from all over the world

Our Key Advantages For Partners

Unique product – a lot of people are still unaware that they could get a compensation for their disrupted flights

High payouts – up to €12-€20 EUR per confirmed lead

Strong market presence

Strong brand awareness is supported by active Facebook Ads campaigns (over $15k-$20k is spent monthly)

You are going to be doing a good thing – people deserve to know about their right to get a compensation for a disrupted flight

How To Promote Our Offer

Probably the best targeting would be one based on a frequent/recent travel behavior. People who have recently returned from trips, who are currently travelling, frequent fliers, etc.

Interest targeting could also perform really well, with interests like air travel, frequent flying, international travel, etc.

It is also possible to target expats and other people working far from home

Aside from travel, other interests which could be associated with the above average income, work pretty well. Examples are Foodies (one of our best audiences), people who are interested in music festivals, certain upscale car/appliances brands, etc.

We are always ready to provide support regarding targeting settings

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to us by submitting a Ticket

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