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May 1st – Expert Websoft Java Coaching Institute-SCJP(OCJP)

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Classified Location Pune, Pune, Maharashtra, 411038

Our Java Coaching institute under the name Expert Websoft, coaches and trains corporates and students in subjects like Java,C,C++, Oracle Sun Java,Corporate level Java,Oracle,MSCIT,Tally, Web Designing etc.

We have students who are corporates and also college attending students coming to us.

We teach everything from the practical point of view using the latest sofwares with the help of projector screen.

We teach the following topics in Core Java:

1. OOPS Features

2. Features of Java and Origin of Java,JDK,JVM,JRE,PATH,CLASSPATH

3. Tokens,variables,keywords,constants,operators

4. Main method, source code file rules, static keyword, System.out.println

5. Decision control statements, Looping control statements,Case control statements.

6. Data types and type conversions in Java

7. Arrays

8. Strings,StringBuffer,StringBuilder

9. enums

10. Annotations

11. Date and Calender Class

12. NumberFormat class(Factory methods)

13. Inheritance

14. Polymorphism

15. Method overriding and overloading

16. Constructors

17. this and super keyword

18. init blocks

19. Wrapper classes

20. Inner class

21. Garbage collector

22. Exception Handling

23. Assertion

24. Multithreading

25. Generics and Collections

26. File Handling

27. Serialisation

28. Applet

29. Packages, access specifiers,non access specifiers

30. JDBC(Java DataBase Connectivity)

31. RMI(Remote Method Invocation)

32. Networking

Advanced Java:

1. JSP(Java Server Pages)

2. Servlet


1. Hibernate

2. Struts

3. EJB(Enterprise Java Beans)

4. Springs

We also provide private home tuitions at the students residence for the above subjects if it is inconvenient for him to come over to the institute for learning Java.

We also have a tie up with various placement agencies and companies for corporate,technical, BPO job placements. We have an attachment with the union placement agency which is an association of various companies.

We provide job oriented and interview oriented training programmes in subjects like Java,Oracle,Web Designing etc.

We also provide projects like websites for companies.

My name is Nadkarni Sir. I have 7.5 years of teaching experience in Java,,SCJP,OCJP, C,C++. I am an Oracle Certified Information Technology Professional with sufficient experience in teaching Java at corporate and student level.

My website name is

The address of the institute is:

Prashant Society,Lane number 3, behind Krishna Hospital, off Paud road, in front of Ajanta Avenue and Rahul Complex, near MIT College,Kothrud-411038.

I can be contacted on 9657019031 or on

Our institute link on is:

May 1st

Paud Road
Pune,Maharashtra 411038

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