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Summer Pet Dog Cat Cooling Scarf

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Dog cooling scarf features:

1. Lightweight and waterproof 
We use a very thin waterproof cloth on the fabric close to the inside of the pet's neck, which can effectively prevent moisture from moistening the dog's neck, and will not affect the heat transfer because it is not too thick.
2. Reusable ice pack 
Each bib is distributed with 4 ice packs. Put the ice pack into the refrigerator to freeze and harden it, then put it in the pocket to cool the dog. After the ice pack melts, you can put it in the refrigerator to freeze and continue to use.
3. Quick-dry cold cloth 
The outer fabric of the scarf is printed with cold fabric, and the cooling effect will be much better than ordinary fabric.
4. Large range adjustment 
The elastic rope can be adjusted in a wide range, so that the bib is firmly fixed on the dog's neck and does not move, and can also meet the continuous use needs of the growing dog.
5. Portable packaging
Pull-type portable packaging can be easily stored to achieve dry and wet separation
6. Cute Print
Strawberry, banana, pineapple, cactus, these are the elements of summer.

Three Ways to Use:

  • Method 1: After soaking the petals of the cooling material (wring out the excess water), or spraying some cold water, the petals will also act as a cooling clothing, so that the dog's back and shoulders are comfortable
  • Method 2: Cool petals, walking along the way to give me a breeze like a fan.
  • Method 3: Like a sunhat, and the surrounding air becomes cool

Instructions on whether the cooling clothing will cause dog skin disease:

  • 1. Cooling clothing is a functional product when it encounters water. It should be worn only when the dog urgently needs to cool down. It is no different from ordinary household clothes when dry, and can be worn for a long time
  • 2. When wearing cooling clothes, you must strictly follow the instructions, squeeze out the excess water, and shake it a few times in the air to remove the excess water before wearing

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