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Advertise rental properties and lend rooms for rent in Pune:

We are here for your peace of mind because that is our priority and always ready to help you and want you to feel confident while interacting with tenants. Don't wait for tenants to find you rather advertise your rental properties and find trustworthy guests to give rooms for rent from our online service providing system in Pune.

We are not charging any fees from you, giving you all the services for free so you are all set to fix your monthly rental fee, make terms and conditions, policies and rules for tenants to follow. You can set your own guidelines, criteria, and requirements which guest must need to fulfill and easily you can find your perfect match.

You can also control your availability like if you are not available for some days, weeks or for months, you can decide from your own and if you also want to close down the property, you are free to do that. There is no pressure on you from our side, you can do whatever you want for your rental properties in Pune. You can easily manage your relationships with existing guests or newcomers from our portal.

And if you give rooms for rent in Pune and your property is damaged by guest then our company suggest that you can request damage deposits and take necessary actions. So if you have an extra flat or room and want to earn more, find tenants and give rooms for rent in Pune by helping and guiding them to manage rental properties in Pune.

You can find different types of tenants here like students, families, couples, an individual person, employees etc. from our portal so choose the one which fits in your criteria and match your expectations. So if you are all set to go then start advertising your property and earn a handsome amount!!

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